Alexander Mariotti – Like all good Romans of old – has an eclectic and cosmopolitan background. Of Scottish and Italian descent, Alex grew up in various parts of Africa before moving to Scotland in his early teens. Spurred by his father’s passion for history, Alex studied to become an Antiquarian, focusing on Roman history and culture, before moving to Paris to work for two years in the Louvre. He moved to Rome working in the Vatican Museum, Colosseum and a brief  stint in the Vatican Secret Archives, before taking a break from the academic world to work in the film industry, before finally taking on the role of a historical consultant and adviser, contributing to over 20 different Documentaries, TV shows and movies. His expertise have been requested by many noted figures such as Bill and Melinda Gates, katie Couric and Dianne Sawyer and appeared on the History, Discovery and National Geographic channel. Alexander is one of the leading speakers on Gladiatorial life, combat and weaponry and can be found in the British Museum of London. Recent Credits

Gangs of New york, America’s next top model, Troy, HBO’s Rome, Into the Unknown with Josh Bernstein, Ancient X-Files, National Geographic’s Back from the Dead, Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Codes and Conspiracies. Discovery channel’s Ancient Assassins.