Selected Works

Selected contribution credits

  • Domina - Sky Tv

    Historical Consultant

  • Ben Hur - MGM studios

    Historical Advisor

  • Britannia - Sky Tv

    Historical Researcher

  • Hercules - Paramount Pictures

    Historical researcher

  • Spartacus: Blood and Sand - Starz

    Historical reference research 

  • Rome - HBO

    Historical Advisor

Selected television credits

  • Colosseum - History Channel series

    Six-episode appearance talking about the history of the Colosseum, Galen, Marcus Aurelius, early Christianity, and Gladiatorial combat.

  • The Chosen: Life of Jesus - Angel Studios

    Discussing pilgrimage, early Christianity, and the Renaissance. 

  • Ancient Assasins - Discovery channel

    Discussing the Sack of Rome, ancient weaponry,  Medieval military tactics, and the Swiss Gaurd.

  • Metropolis - Travel Channel

    Talking about Gladiatorial combat and weaponry. 

  • Codes and Conspiracies - Disocvery

    Talking about Papal History, the secret archives, and medieval Italian history.


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